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Greg "Craola" Simkins

The 41st volume of Hi-Fructose arrives in October on store shelves! Pre-order the issue here. This issue’s special 16-page glossy insert showcases cover artist, Greg "Craola" Simkins. Vol.41 features include the art of soft sculptures of John Casey, the gigantic drawings of Sergio Barrale, the cinematic photography of Gregory Crewdson, the sculptures of Crystal Morey, the other-worldly paintings of Smithe, the installations of Crystal Wagner, the dream-like paintings of Shang Chengxiang, and the beautiful sculptures of Gosia. Plus, multi-page reviews on Marion Pecks's career-spanning monograph, and a book review on the pin-hole photography of Bethany De Dorest. See more previews of Hi-Fructose Vol.41 here! You can also click here to subscribe to Hi-Fructose.
It's the 40th print volume of Hi-Fructose! Our next issue arrives in stores everywhere July 1st but you can pre-order it from us today here! Featured in this issue is: Mark Mothersbaugh's new museum retrospective at the Akron Museum of Art, the elaborate skull carvings of Jason Borders, a studio visit with Japanese artist collective three, the wonderful drawings of Nicomi Nix Turner, photographer Robert Bartholot's mysteriously artificial images, Nicole Gordon's bright and tragic landscapes, and Vincent Castiglia's amazing blood paintings. Then we delve into the violence of man with Cleon Peterson's graphic paintings, discover the cinematic baroque paintings of Jamie Adams, and review on the new Peelander Z documentary Mad Tiger! Plus, this issue also includes a special 16-page insert section of cover artist Charlie Immer. Immerse yourself in his brilliantly colored ghastly world in this special full color gloss section. View more sample previews here! Pre-order Hi-Fructose Vol.40 here!
Now in our store! This is a wonderful Scott Musgrove print set that includes two fine crafted pressure prints in a custom-made hinged display folio, created by the fine crafts people at Pressure Printing. We only have a dozen of these beauties available, exclusively sold here at Hi-Fructose.

Tickets on sale now!

Tickets are now available for the Turn the Page: The First Ten Years of Hi-Fructose opening night celebration, coming to Virginia MOCA this May! Turn the Page will be inaugurated with a premiere extravaganza shrouded in mystery and inspiring wonder. Cocktails, dinner, and entertainment begin the evening in an edgy, but sophisticated surreal forest. Emerging from the surreal forest, guests will enjoy the first private curatorial tours of the awaited exhibition: Turn the Page, featuring 51 of the foremost artists of our time from the ten year history of Hi-Fructose Magazine.
Charles Gatewood, the prolific San Francisco based visionary and photographer who was called "the family photographer of America's erotic underground" died early this Thursday morning, April 28th. He had been in the ICU at SF General Hospital after suffering complications from a three-story fall that tragically ended his life at age 74.
Hi-Fructose and LA-based clothing label Daylight Curfew have teamed up to create a capsule collection of finely made artist-centric apparel. We've just added this wonderful new sweet and creepy tee with art by Brandi Milne.
Our 39th volume of Hi-Fructose New Contemporary Art Magazine arrives in stores April 1st. You can also reserve a copy by pre-ordering direct from us here! Featured in this issue is: "Very Strange Days, Indeed", a cover feature with fantastic painter Jenny Morgan, the bright and quiet narratives of painter Andrew Brandou, the painfully dark work of master painter Odd Nerdrum, the playful world of artist Tripper Dungan, R.S. Connett's highly detailed "micro verse", fantastic water color paintings by Dima Rebus, and the powerful tiny street installations of sculptor Isaac Cordal. Plus major features on sculptor Scott Hove inside his teeth-gnashing Cakeland, and Portland painter David Rice's wildlife-filled work. Plus a review of Joan Cornellà's insanely demented Mox Nox book. This issue also includes a special 16-page preview of the Turn the Page: The First Ten Years of Hi-Fructose exhibition at the Virginia MOCA.
Hi-Fructose Co-founder Attaboy's latest strange book, The Little Book of Butts, is now in stock in our store! His funny and strange new book, limited to 750 copies, will cause you to never look at butts the same way again. Attaboy will be headed to New York to do signings for the book and the second printing of The Book of Hugs at AFA Gallery in SoHo, Desert Island comics in Brooklyn, and Haven Gallery on Long Island on February 12th, 13th, and 14th. There will be Q&As and special items from his archives at the events. Show up on time to score rare back issues of Hi-Fructose (while they last). There will also be a mini art show at AFA Gallery, featuring Attaboy's drawings and spray painted, hand cut stencil pieces.
Our next print issue of Hi-Fructose Magazine arrives in stores Jan. 1st, 2016! Featured in this issue is: A glaringly awesome cover by Japanese art icon Keiichi Tanaami. Tanaami’s history and story is amazing, and the result of which is a unique eye-splitting body of work we’re happy to bring to you in print. Plus Riikka Hyvönen’s “Derby Kisses”, Tip Toland’s meaningful hyper-real sculptures, Yellena James’ beautiful painted floral explosions, Mark Ryden’s latest show Dodecahedron, and the mighty ink pen of Kim Jung Gi. We follow this with extensive features on Eric White’s paintings of a Hollywood-gone-bizarro, Chris Mars’ frighteningly beautiful world, Yoshitoshi Kanemaki’s amazing multi-expressional sculptures, and painter Margaret Bowland’s immersive work about power and identity. Also in this issue, punk rock historian and RE/Search founder V.Vale delves into the new photography book Shot in the Dark: Collected Photography by David Arnoff, plus much more! Pre-order copies direct from us here!
Virginia MOCA is pleased to announce "Turn The Page: The First Ten Tears of Hi-Fructose", a ten-year retrospective celebrating the artists from the pages of Hi-Fructose Magazine, will travel to the Akron Art Museum in Akron, Ohio and will be on view from February to May 2017. This unprecedented exhibition of the 50 foremost contemporary artists of our time will open at Virginia MOCA this spring, May 2016, featuring a variety of media including sculpture, installation, painting, ceramics as well as interactive community outreach and satellite exhibitions. A wide selection of educational programming, film screenings, panel discussions, master classes and events will provide the public an opportunity to interact with the art and artists in exciting new ways.
The Hi-Fructose Collected 2 Hardcover Book is back in print! For a limited time only, Pre-order this book and we will cover the Priority US Mail shipping when it arrives in early. This thick 300+ page hardcover book expands a best-of selection of material from issues 5-8 of the magazine. Beautifully printed with surprise fold-outs and featuring a cover by Audrey Kawasaki, the Collected 2 is packed with intelligent interviews and essays on top new contemporary artists. Edited by Annie Owens and Attaboy, it is a must-have addition to your personal library. The book includes a special introduction by the infamous Long Gone John. Published by Last Gasp.
The next print issue of Hi-Fructose New Contemporary Art Magazine arrives in stores October 1st! It features a cover story on Jean-Pierre Roy, the colorful murals and art of Jet Martinez, narrative painter Mia Araujo, Andy Paiko's ornate kinetic glass sculptures, Seamus Conley's mood orienting paintings, stenciled street art from Logan Hicks, the drawings of Ryan Salge, a retrospective story on the murals of Kent Twitchell, an in-depth article on photographer Blake Little's controversial honey-covered "Preservation" series. Plus reviews on the new George Barris monograph; Daniel Clowes and the new Eightball Collection, and much more! Pre-order from our store today here!
Attention all artists! In partnership with our friends at Squarespace, Hi-Fructose will be highlighting five artists who are currently using Squarespace for their website or portfolio, to be featured on This week we are featuring the artist ZSO, aka Sara Blake, a New York based illustrator whose personal works in pencil, watercolor and digital have been exhibited across the U.S., and abroad. Find out how your art can be featured after the jump!
Our 36th volume of Hi-Fructose New Contemporary Art Magazine arrives in July! Featured in our next print issue is: a major feature on art pioneer Robert Williams, the colorful installations of Pip & Pop, a review of cover artist Kehinde Wiley's new monograph, Erin M. Riley's embroidered selfies, Chiho Aoshima's solo exhibition in Seattle, Cinta Vidal Agullo's mesmerizing paintings, new works from Portland artist Blaine Fontana, the paintings of Mike Davis, a thought provoking article on the art and travels of street artist Swoon, plus reviews on the Sick Rose; featuring medical illustrations from tester-year and much more! Also, We're thrilled to present this issue's special 16-page insert section featuring Winnie Truong's beautifully strange color pencil drawings, all in one issue!
We're pleased to announce a collaboration with LA-based clothing label Daylight Curfew. Daylight Curfew and Hi-Fructose have been working closely over the last few months to bring you a premium selection of t-shirts, hoodies, snapbacks, 5 panel hats, and more. Now you can hunt for art with the proper head gear, hoodie dress, and zipper down. See more of the collection here and look for new, limited run items in the coming weeks.
We've just received a box of issues of Hi-Fructose Vol. 34 signed by cover artist Margaret Keane herself! We will be making these available on Thursday at noon PST in our online store. Hi-Fructose will donate 100% of the proceeds to UNICEF. Only 40 of these issues will be available for purchase, with a limit of two per person. Thanks very much to Margaret and the Keane Eyes Gallery for making this possible.
The next print issue of Hi-Fructose New Contemporary Art Magazine arrives in April! Our 35th volume features: Björk's retrospective at the NY MoMA; Tracey Snelling's detailed dioramas and installations of urban landscapes; painter Doze Green, who influenced a whole generation of artists; Masao Kinoshita, who mutates humans and animals to create bizarre sculptures which would make Dr. Moreau envious. We're thrilled to present this issue's special insert section featuring Renée French's bizarre yet endearing drawings. Then there's the amazing paintings of Jamie Brett Treadwell; Kazuhiro Tsuji's hyper-real sculptures; Pat Perry, who approaches his art like a journalist, incorporating his travels into his work. Our cover features Martin Wittfooth, who uses animals to craft paintings exposing human excess and environmental abuse. In this issue, we also revisit Naoto Hattori's awe-inducing paintings, and review the new Chet Zar documentary and a hauntingly beautiful book about death. All in one issue! Pre-order it here and see more sneak peeks below.
Our 34th volume of Hi-Fructose kicks off 2015 with a bang. We start off with the carpet sculptures of Faig Ahmed, then present the paintings of Joanne Nam, then delve into the public stick sculptures of Patrick Dougherty. We're proud to present Big Eyes icon Margaret Keane on the cover with an exclusive interview with the artist by Long Gone John and an introduction by Megan Besmirched! Also we're excited to offer a fantastic 16-page insert featuring the mixed-media works of Gary Taxali. Then we showcase Tricia Cline's amazingly strange and detailed sculptures, Jonathan Viner's paintings, and Floria Sigosmondi's photographs and exclusive interview. Then we revisit the assemblage sculptures of Kris Kuksi with a major feature showing his latest exhibition, plus the new William Mortensen book, Click Mort, and much more, all in one perfect bound issue! Pre-order the issue here and see a preview below.
Martin Wittfooth The Virginia Museum of Contemporary Art (MOCA) will feature some of the foremost contemporary artists through a ten year retrospective of Hi-Fructose Magazine. This exhibition is a unique opportunity to bring a broad spectrum of artwork by over 50 artists from the pages of magazines and computer screens to the walls of a contemporary art museum dedicated to educating on the significant art of today. "Turn the Page: The First Ten Years of Hi-Fructose" is a collaborative initiative by two like-minded organizations – MOCA in Virginia Beach, Virginia, and Hi-Fructose The New Contemporary Art Magazine in San Francisco, California. Both are committed to creating an awareness of contemporary art that is informative, imaginative and relevant. This multi-faceted exhibition will feature artists working in a variety of media including sculpture, installation, painting, ceramics, and photography as well as interactive community outreach and satellite exhibitions. A wide selection of educational programming, film screenings, panel discussions, and events will provide the public an opportunity to interact with the art and artists in exciting new ways. You can check out more info on the Virginia MOCA website and look for more updates on the exhibition coming soon!
Last Gasp Publishing, stalwarts of underground art and culture and long-time purveyors of the bizarre, have launched their fall publishing season with a fleet of new, quality art book projects. An independent company founded in San Francisco 44 years ago, Last Gasp is the publisher of our Hi-Fructose Collected book series and has put out everything from underground comic anthologies to artist monographs for the likes of Ron English and Camille Rose Garcia. Their Kickstarter campaign has 3 days to go. Help get these book projects off the ground!
What a special gift for someone special, including yourself! This brooch features Mark Ryden's "Daisy" drawing from "The Gay 90s: West" exhibition (see our coverage here) and is now available in the Hi-Fructose online store. The brooch features a mineral crystal dome and a solid metal back custom stamped with Mark's logo and a safety pin style attachment. It comes in a black velvet pouch and box with a certificate of authenticity. Check it out in our shop.
Our thirty-third volume of Hi-Fructose arrives Oct.1! It includes a major feature on the late H.R. Giger with a memoriam by Clive Barker, a major feature on visionary painter/designer Syd Mead, the the exploded view world of T.Wei, Ellen Jewett’s intricate animal sculptures, Japanese artist Ai Yamaguchi’s Superflat paintings on rounded forms, Canadian Laurence Vallières’s cardboard assemblages, and German painter Heiko Müller’s disconcerting look at the balance between man and nature. Cover artist Kazuki Takamatsu, whose work we present in this issue’s Special Insert, uses modern 3-D technology to “sculpt” his scenes before creating his large paintings with layer upon layer of gouache. Corinne Botz captures truly haunting moments found in the game-changing crime scene dioramas of Frances Glessner. Master poster artist Chuck Sperry’s dazzling approach to print making is undeniably alluring. Plus, Jerome and Joel-Peter Witkin’s new mono (or is that duo?) graph, and Skinner’s new activity book, all in one place. See more previews and pre-order the issue here.
In July 2013, we partnered with Marco Mazzoni (featured on the cover of Hi-Fructose Vol. 20) and Pressure Printing to create these “Santa Lucia” Hand-Embellished Prints. We sold out of these immediately. Marco Mazzoni has generously decided to have Hi-Fructose donate 100% of the proceeds from his five artist proofs to support the Huntington's Disease Society of America's fight for a cure for Huntington's Disease. The prints are each hand embellished by the artist, making them one of a kind items. See complete details after the jump.
Did you know that you can follow Hi-Fructose on all your favorite social networks? We're constantly sharing our contemporary art discoveries through Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Pinterest. Plus, check out our YouTube channel for exclusive video interviews and profiles featuring the likes of Scott Hove, Rob Sato, Wayne White, Jennybird Alcantara and more. On our social media, you'll get updates in realtime so you never miss out on the latest in contemporary art, including updates from festivals and events. Want more art in your feed? Make sure you hit that follow button!
Our next print issue of Hi-Fructose New Contemporary Art Magazine (which arrives in July) features a beautiful cover and feature and a beautifully-printed special 16-page insert by Travis Louie, we chase clouds with the murals and art of Sainer and the ETAM CRU, discover the animal portraits of Susan Siegel, Andy Gilmore's hallucinatory graphics, Eric Wert's intense still-lives, Shawn Huckins's modern painted text messaging meets old masters mash-ups, painter Casey Weldon's bright and bold surreal works, Mark Gmehling's 3D distortions, and a major feature on the art of Sam Wolfe Connelly! Plus we journey into hell in with a new stereoscopic book review and take a look at Dima Drjuchin's Lil Goof and more! Pre-order a copy today! See more sneak peeks of the issue after the jump.
"Resonance," the latest body of work by sculptor Koji Takei, deconstructs commonplace objects and reassembles them, elevating “the mundane to the extraordinary.” An admirer of classical music, the LA-based artist focuses his attention on fragmenting musical instruments, stating, “The musical instruments I use in my art are an embodiment of my love and respect for the world of classical music.” His current show "Resonance" will be on view at William Turner Gallery in Santa Monica through May 10. The sculptures in the exhibition trick our perception. From the front, they appear to be almost flat, but a side view reveals their three-dimensionality. One can't help but think of Cubist still lifes with guitars and cellos, where the different facets of the figures were all brought to the visible plane and flattened, revealing all of the instruments' curves and angles at once.
We are pleased to release a special book and Hi-Fructose exclusive print set for Brandi Milne's new art book Frohlich, printed by the fine folks at Baby Tattoo Books. Milne's beautiful 152 page full color hardcover, with elegant embossing and die cut cover, is a must for your art library. It's filled with her beautiful paintings, drawings and sketches. And only Hi-Fructose includes a special signed and numbered print, "Joyful Souls March On!" with each signed book order! This special set is limited to 54 book/print copies and is available here. “Pretty girls, corpulent cakes, and big-eyed animals: The depictions of these in Milne's work are ghostly remnants of a certain time and place that no longer exists, and these characters often have the feeling of a vague and fading dream," said fellow artist Camille Rose Garcia of Milne's work. Take an inside look at the book and exclusive print after the jump.
Our new issue of Hi-Fructose New Contemporary Art Magazine arrives in April and features a beautiful cover and feature by Fuco Ueda, the art of Ray Caesar, interactive graphic work by Brosmind, the sculptures of Erika Sanada, Tristram Lansdowne’s otherworldly architectural paintings, Laura Ball's constructed animal paintings, painter, Justin Bower's glitch paintings, Jordan Kasey, surreal photography and origami works by Alma Haser, Brandi Milne's new book, an interview with Long Gone John about this new B-Kawz release, and a very special 16 page insert by Al Columbia, featuring beautiful reproductions of his works on paper, and more! Pre-order a copy today. Take a look inside the issue after the jump!
Last July, we partnered with Marco Mazzoni (featured on the cover of Hi-Fructose Vol. 20) and Pressure Printing to create these "Santa Lucia" Hand-Embellished Prints. We sold out of these immediately. Marco Mazzoni has generously decided to donate proceeds from his artist proofs of this run to charity. We will have details shortly on when and how we will offer these very special Artist Proofs to the public, in case you'd like to get one. For now, we thank Marco for his generosity! See more after the jump.
Los Angeles-based artist Rob Sato (first featured in Hi-Fructose Vol. 16) creates detailed, fantastical paintings, whether of gigantic robots or battles on horseback, entirely using watercolor. Sato uses his preferred medium with precision, producing miniature figures and tiny details within his large compositions. His colors are not so much blended, but rather geometrically arranged in a series of coalescing, prismatic shapes that define his characteristic aesthetic. For our latest episode of "From Page to Screen," Hi-Fructose visited Rob Sato's studio in LA where he went through his work process, from sketchbook to final product. Watch the exclusive video after the jump.

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