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In our current issue print issue, Hi-Fructose Vol. 33, writer Silke Tudor speaks to influential designer and illustrator Syd Mead, the 80 year-old-artist known for his concept work in Blade Runner, Aliens and TRON. In the feature, Mead discusses his fascination with mechanical designs and his unique, technical approach as an illustrator. His science fiction-tinged work calls to mind a utopian vision that puts forth in hope of a better future. "If we start rehearsing a dismal world, that's the way we'll end up," he tells Tudor in the article. "I hope all these dystopian shoot-em-ups are cathartic — I truly hope that they are. In the meantime, I'm doing my small part to visualize a glossy, egalitarian — that means everyone does their part or it doesn't work — technically advanced society that produces a workable future, and a nicer place to live. That's what I want." Check out a few of Mead's iconic artworks below and learn more about the artist in Hi-Fructose Vol. 33.
Our thirty-third volume of Hi-Fructose arrives Oct.1! It includes a major feature on the late H.R. Giger with a memoriam by Clive Barker, a major feature on visionary painter/designer Syd Mead, the the exploded view world of T.Wei, Ellen Jewett’s intricate animal sculptures, Japanese artist Ai Yamaguchi’s Superflat paintings on rounded forms, Canadian Laurence Vallières’s cardboard assemblages, and German painter Heiko Müller’s disconcerting look at the balance between man and nature. Cover artist Kazuki Takamatsu, whose work we present in this issue’s Special Insert, uses modern 3-D technology to “sculpt” his scenes before creating his large paintings with layer upon layer of gouache. Corinne Botz captures truly haunting moments found in the game-changing crime scene dioramas of Frances Glessner. Master poster artist Chuck Sperry’s dazzling approach to print making is undeniably alluring. Plus, Jerome and Joel-Peter Witkin’s new mono (or is that duo?) graph, and Skinner’s new activity book, all in one place. See more previews and pre-order the issue here.

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