On View: Koji Takei’s “Resonance” at William Turner Gallery

by Hi-Fructose StaffPosted on

“Resonance,” the latest body of work by sculptor Koji Takei, deconstructs commonplace objects and reassembles them, elevating “the mundane to the extraordinary.” An admirer of classical music, the LA-based artist focuses his attention on fragmenting musical instruments, stating, “The musical instruments I use in my art are an embodiment of my love and respect for the world of classical music.” His current show “Resonance” will be on view at William Turner Gallery in Santa Monica through May 10. The sculptures in the exhibition trick our perception. From the front, they appear to be almost flat, but a side view reveals their three-dimensionality. One can’t help but think of Cubist still lifes with guitars and cellos, where the different facets of the figures were all brought to the visible plane and flattened, revealing all of the instruments’ curves and angles at once.

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