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We've just received a box of issues of Hi-Fructose Vol. 34 signed by cover artist Margaret Keane herself! We will be making these available on Thursday at noon PST in our online store. Hi-Fructose will donate 100% of the proceeds to UNICEF. Only 40 of these issues will be available for purchase, with a limit of two per person. Thanks very much to Margaret and the Keane Eyes Gallery for making this possible.
Photos by Birdman Wednesday night marked the 20th anniversary of LA Art Show, and West Coast artists from all over came to celebrate their largest art fair. The event was co-hosted by Amy Adams, fresh off her Golden Globe win for Best Actress in Big Eyes, where she plays Margaret Keane (Vol 34 cover artist). Margaret Keane is one of hundreds of artists whose art is on display here. Many of them call the 'Littletopia' section their "home". It's entrance is decorated with a special frosted cake archway by Scott Hove (Hi-Fructose Collected 3), with 'Littletopia' written in icing. Their collected styles are colorful, intriguing, playful and provocative, and sometimes cynical- misfits in the world of art welcomed by galleries Sloan Fine Art, Breeze Block, La Luz de Jesus, Last Rites Gallery, Roq La Rue, Spoke Art, Thinkspace Gallery, Varnish Fine Art, and Corey Helford.
Our 34th volume of Hi-Fructose kicks off 2015 with a bang. We start off with the carpet sculptures of Faig Ahmed, then present the paintings of Joanne Nam, then delve into the public stick sculptures of Patrick Dougherty. We're proud to present Big Eyes icon Margaret Keane on the cover with an exclusive interview with the artist by Long Gone John and an introduction by Megan Besmirched! Also we're excited to offer a fantastic 16-page insert featuring the mixed-media works of Gary Taxali. Then we showcase Tricia Cline's amazingly strange and detailed sculptures, Jonathan Viner's paintings, and Floria Sigosmondi's photographs and exclusive interview. Then we revisit the assemblage sculptures of Kris Kuksi with a major feature showing his latest exhibition, plus the new William Mortensen book, Click Mort, and much more, all in one perfect bound issue! Pre-order the issue here and see a preview below.
Few images are more prevalent throughout art history than the eye, the window to the soul. The road that led to the popularity of the ‘big eyes’ style is not a straight one. “Melancholy Menagerie: A Gaze into the World of Big Eyes”, which opened this weekend at Fullerton Museum Center, archives its many twists and turns. While the source of this style can be argued, one thing is certain- it sparked a popular art culture internationally. Read more after the jump.

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