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Seamus Conley's recent oil paintings offer a convergence of reality and digital fantasy. In that latter world—and in materialism—there’s a hope for fulfillment that Conley explores. His recent body of work is currently on display at Andrea Schwartz Gallery, in a show that runs through Dec. 21.
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Seamus Conley's paintings feature contemplative dreamers staring out into masterfully painted vistas of thick clouds and fog. We catch them at their most private moments of contemplation, alone in the night. While his past work has focused on characters of various ages and genders, the paintings in his latest solo show, "Catch My Fade," depict mostly young boys escaping into the darkness. The spaces they inhabit are far removed from civilization and more closely resemble the landscapes of dreams than any real-life locales. "Catch My Fade" opens at San Francisco's Andrea Schwartz Gallery on April 29.

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