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Sculptor Scott Hove has teamed up with artist Henry Lewis, and experience creator Vanessa Burgundy for the new pop-up "ARTCRIMES." Running Sept. 26 through Oct. 26, the pop-up is late-night only, taking over the gallery annex of Hollywood’s Burgundy Room bar from 8 p.m.-midnight, Thursdays through Sundays. The program blends Hove's culptures, the murals of Lewis, and burlesque, dancing, and performance art curated by Burgundy. Hove was previously featured in the “Turn the Page: The First 10 Years of Hi-Fructose" exhibition, Hi-Fructose Collected 3, and Hi-Fructose Vols. 12 and 39.
Scott Hove has a new two-part show with KP Projects in Los Angeles, implementing both locations of the gallery. The first, debuting Sept. 1, is a “an immersive Pentagon Cake Infinity Chamber” at the gallery’s Chinatown pop-up. The other is a multimedia art showcase at the La Brea location, with complete with an altar-like bed with sant fuchsia sheets and artificial flowers styled in Hove's typical blend of horror and deliciousness. "Last Ticket to the Beauty Train" is the title of the shows. Hove appears in "Turn the Page: The First 10 Years of Hi-Fructose," current running at the Crocker Art Museum.
Our 39th volume of Hi-Fructose New Contemporary Art Magazine arrives in stores April 1st. You can also reserve a copy by pre-ordering direct from us here! Featured in this issue is: "Very Strange Days, Indeed", a cover feature with fantastic painter Jenny Morgan, the bright and quiet narratives of painter Andrew Brandou, the painfully dark work of master painter Odd Nerdrum, the playful world of artist Tripper Dungan, R.S. Connett's highly detailed "micro verse", fantastic water color paintings by Dima Rebus, and the powerful tiny street installations of sculptor Isaac Cordal. Plus major features on sculptor Scott Hove inside his teeth-gnashing Cakeland, and Portland painter David Rice's wildlife-filled work. Plus a review of Joan Cornellà's insanely demented Mox Nox book. This issue also includes a special 16-page preview of the Turn the Page: The First Ten Years of Hi-Fructose exhibition at the Virginia MOCA.
First featured in Hi-Fructose Vol. 12, and soon our “Turn The Page: The First Ten Tears of Hi-Fructose” retrospective at Virginia MOCA, Scott Hove is an unforgettable name for his decadent, yet nightmarish "Cakeland" series that includes snarling 'taxidermied' cakes and elaborate installations. But his works are more than just a sweet experience. Hove's use of dualistic imagery in the cakes' fangs, horns and switchblades are there to add psychological depth and force the viewer to choose how to integrate the dark elements into the lightness of the cake. For years, the Los Angeles based artist's primary goal has been to make the experience as "satisfying" as possible, which makes his latest project all the more savory.
Next Friday, La Luz de Jesus gallery in Hollywood will dot their walls with thousands of coasters for the third year in a row. As most artists will tell you, it is the smallest works that are the most challenging to create. In the case of the Coaster Show, where the coasters measure 4" inches round, they require confidence in one's technique and precision. Their sizes aren't the only aspect of the show that is small. The affordability of the works attracted hundreds of fans to last year's show, who scrambled to get a piece by one of their favorite artists. This year, that list includes well-known names alongside emerging talents.
Scott Hove's (Hi-Fructose Collected 3) art is much more than just three dimensional cake- it also tells story. His former studio in San Francisco, better known as "Cakeland", featured a funhouse made of sweet, yet nightmarish cake sculptures. Now living and working in Los Angeles, Hove brings a piece of Cakeland to his current exhibition, "Pussy Jihad" at La Luz de Jesus Gallery. This exhibit plays with opposing ideals in society, while taking a look at the ethos of masculinity and femininity.
Japanese artist Kazuhiro Hori (first featured here) combines soft, cuddly and adorable with depressing and morbid. His primary subject, highschool age girls, appear dejected and even mutilated by some unseen force behind this candy-filled facade. Slight and anonymous, they are almost helpless in this abnormal environment. In one painting, sugary syrup, flowers and toys ooze from teddy bear stomachs, emulating internal organs.
Photos by Birdman Wednesday night marked the 20th anniversary of LA Art Show, and West Coast artists from all over came to celebrate their largest art fair. The event was co-hosted by Amy Adams, fresh off her Golden Globe win for Best Actress in Big Eyes, where she plays Margaret Keane (Vol 34 cover artist). Margaret Keane is one of hundreds of artists whose art is on display here. Many of them call the 'Littletopia' section their "home". It's entrance is decorated with a special frosted cake archway by Scott Hove (Hi-Fructose Collected 3), with 'Littletopia' written in icing. Their collected styles are colorful, intriguing, playful and provocative, and sometimes cynical- misfits in the world of art welcomed by galleries Sloan Fine Art, Breeze Block, La Luz de Jesus, Last Rites Gallery, Roq La Rue, Spoke Art, Thinkspace Gallery, Varnish Fine Art, and Corey Helford.

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