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Dan Gluibizzi takes digital images from social media and creates analog interpretations that highlight “both the open possibilities and dark edges of online community life.” He uses watercolors and acrylics to interpret the figures. In a new show at Russo Lee Gallery in Portland, titled "Together we follow," the artist’s latest recreations of images from the Internet are shown. The artist was last featured on here.
We all have a place we want to be, whether that place is a city we want to visit or something we want to achieve in our lives. This is the inspiration behind Los Angeles based artist Bumblebeelovesyou's upcoming exhibition. Opening on June 20th at Thinkspace Gallery, "#WhereWeBeelong" represents this shared dream in images of children wearing bee-striped shirts. When we visited Bumblebee at his Culver City studio, he shared, "I feel that the children in the paintings are exactly where they belong at that particular moment in their childhood which we all can relate to."
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