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A slew of fantastic items have been added to the Hi-Fructose story, from past issue bundles to a signed monograph from Brandi Milne. Milne's signed book, "Froh Lich," is a gorgeous, 152-page tome with an embossed and stamped cover, published by Babytattoo. We only have a limited amount of copies of this one, so make sure you grab it. Also available: The Hi-Fructose Back Issue 5 Bundle and The New Hi-Fructose 8 Issue Library Bundle. And don't forget our latest issue: Vol. 52.

Brandi Milne

It's the 51st Volume of Hi-Fructose! The spring issue features: The strange geometric paintings of Yu Maeda, the ornate head dresses of Magnhild Kennedy, collages by John Vochatzer, the powerful paintings of Sergé Gay Jr, the gravity defying art of Cintal Vidal, the elastic illustrations of Angela Ho, the dangerously dark world of Peter Ferguson, the glass sculptures of Amber Cowan, the autobiographical paintings of Stuart Pearson Wright, a review on the documentary and upcoming books of sculptor Stanislaw Szukalski, Plus a 16-page special insert section the paintings of cover artist Brandi Milne and more. HF Vol.51 arrives in April. Pre-order a copy of the issue here! Also, US residents can subscribe here, and Canadian residents can subscribe here.
Brandi Milne’s pop-surrealist, acrylic paintings are both sweet and strange, each a peek into the artist’s modern-day and childhood influences. A new body of work "Once Upon a Quiet Kingdom," is collected in a show at Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles, which kicked off on Saturday. This is her fourth solo exhibition.
Hi-Fructose and LA-based clothing label Daylight Curfew have teamed up to create a capsule collection of finely made artist-centric apparel. We've just added this wonderful new sweet and creepy tee with art by Brandi Milne.
Colored pencils haven't quite received the recognition of their counterparts as a fine art material- and yet over the years, we've featured artists from all over the world who have surprised us with what can be achieved by these utensils from our elementary school sets. CHG Circa in Los Angeles sent a group of international artists a set of their own and invited them to refer back to their child imagination.

Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles just announced that they are moving to a new space, and they are saying goodbye to their Circa gallery with one of their most popular group exhibitions, "Art Collector Start Kit 3". Opening this Saturday, the exhibit (previously covered here) annually showcases smaller works from both well established and new names in the New Contemporary scene. This year's show is no less eclectic and presents 12" x 12" sized pieces from Brandi Milne, Hannah Yata, Hikari Shimoda (HF Vol. 29), Hirabayashi Takahiro, KiSung Koh, Korin Faught, Lori Nelson, Lu Cong, Naoto Hattori (HF Vol. 7 and 35), Yoh Nagao, and Yoko d'Holbachie (HF Vol. 6 cover artist), among over 30 artists.

In today's advertising world, it's almost impossible the avoid visual landscape of company brand names and logos. We endulge in a pop culture that is virtually paid for and made possible by "product placement", creating often unwelcome interruptions. This Saturday, CHG Circa gallery's artists have chosen to interrupt their own imagery in "Product Displacement". Consumerism is a necessary evil to a healthy economy that has intrigued artists for decades. Perhaps the most famous example is Andy Warhol, whose works like the Campbell soup cans forced us to reckon with big business' presence in our lives. Artists such as Eric Joyner, Buff Monster, Shag, Brandi Milne, Richard J. Oliver, Andrew Brandou, Ron English, and Sylvia Ji take a cue from artists like Warhol to publicize their own experiences with advertising.

This Saturday, CHG Circa kicks off 2015 with a group show that celebrates, in essence, the dream of starting anew in "Freaks and Americana." The show welcomes newcoming artists to the gallery like Carol Liu alongside regulars Brandi Milne, Shag, Ron English, Tom Bagshaw, Yosuke Ueno, and Melissa Forman, featured here. Their pieces edge on the verge of odd, but also have the classic innocence of vintage circuses and their personalities. Check out our preview after the jump!
On August 30th, CHG Circa will showcase some of their favorite artists in their second installment of "Art Collector Starter Kit".  The show was first created in 2013 to give emerging artists a platform to express new ideas, while creating a smaller-sized 'starter kit' of sorts for new collectors.  This year highlights new faces to Circa's walls like Yosuke Ueno (above), Yukino Fukumoto (covered here), Hikari Shimoda, who debuted last month, and So Youn Lee- paired with Circa regulars Brandi Milne, Shag, Lola, Natalia Fabia, and more.
On Saturday, just hours before the event, Corey Helford disclosed the location of artist Brandi Milne’s emotional new work, 2-years in the making. Their large warehouse pop-up space hosted a carnival-style opening, complete with cotton candy, but thematically, “Here Inside My Broken Heart” is Milne’s most intimate show. Milne’s latest series of paintings interprets the ups and downs of her own broken heart with layered imagery. Her sugary sweet, lyrical paintings are far less literal than her previous offering at Corey Helford, “Before I Hide Away” (covered here). Gone are the handwritten quotes Milne strung throughout her narrative, perhaps allowing her work to speak for itself. Read more after the jump.
Among the list of artists who’ve designed Hint Mint tins are Audrey Kawasaki, Lola, James Jean, Gary Baseman, Shag, Glenn Barr, and most recently, Brandi Milne (featured in our exclusive book and print set).  On Thursday, iam8bit Gallery brought them together for the first time in a special retrospective and launch of the limited edition artist series by Milne.  Milne’s original paintings on display can also be appreciated as a singular new body of work, an extension of her candy colored wonderland. Read more after the jump.

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