Scott Musgrove Print Set Now in the Hi-Fructose Store!

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Now in our store! This is a wonderful Scott Musgrove print set that includes two fine crafted pressure prints in a custom-made hinged display folio, created by the fine crafts people at Pressure Printing. We only have a dozen of these beauties available, exclusively sold here at Hi-Fructose.

Titled “Enormous Lotus Larvae & Dwarf Basket Horse”, this pair of prints features imaginative drawings of two fictitious beasts. They have been printed in relief onto custom handmade printmaking paper and come in a handcrafted, brass-hinged, foil-stamped and embossed folder that is ready for display. Each is signed and numbered. There is also a beautifully printed certificate of authenticity, stories on the creatures, biography on the artist, hidden in the set’s “secret compartments.” This is a unique and special series, with the attention to detail to match.

• Printed from exclusive and original Scott Musgrove drawings
• Custom handmade paper by Twinrocker
• Hand-printed in black ink
• Debossed printer’s chop
• Hand signed by Scott Musgrove

• Thick book binder board with paper covered edges
• Covers are litho printed, foil stamped and embossed
• Solid brass hinges hold the two boards together
• Interior pockets are die cut to hold the prints, have foil stamped titles and embossed corner details
• Packets hold letterpressed stories, certificate of authenticity, and artist’s biographies.

• Letterpressed in two colors on 100% cotton paper
• Stories written for each creature by Scott Musgrove
• Signed and numbered by the artist

• Released in February 2006
• Print size is 4 ½˝ × 4 ½˝
• Edition of 50
• 9 Printer’s proofs
• 5 Artist’s proofs
• 1 Bon à tirer

Check it out in our store here!

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