Three Days To Go To Help Last Gasp Fund Their New Art Books

by Hi-Fructose StaffPosted on

Last Gasp Publishing, stalwarts of underground art and culture and long-time purveyors of the bizarre, have launched their fall publishing season with a fleet of new, quality art book projects. An independent company founded in San Francisco 44 years ago, Last Gasp is the publisher of our Hi-Fructose Collected book series and has put out everything from underground comic anthologies to artist monographs for the likes of Ron English and Camille Rose Garcia. Their Kickstarter campaign has 3 days to go. Help get these book projects off the ground!

Mike Davis’s new book, A Blind Man’s Journey. A signed copy is one of the perk options for donors.

Painting by Camille Rose Garcia. Her book is one of the fundraiser’s perks.

Painting by Joe Sorren. One of the Kickstarter’s perks is a commissioned painting by the artist.

Sculpture by Liz McGrath, also one of the perks for those who donate to the Kickstarter.

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