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Cleon Peterson’s stark, graphical reflections on our current political and social climate, rendered in acrylics on canvas and sculptures, are part of a show currently running at Over the Influence in Los Angeles. "Blood and Soil” collects his latest tableaux, confronting race, power, and religion. The show runs through Aug. 5 at the gallery. Peterson was last mentioned on here.
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Cleon Peterson portrays the brutal struggles between an army of warring figures in his monochromatic illustrations reminiscent of Grecian pottery. Previously featured on our blog here, the Los Angeles based painter and muralist juxtaposes a bold use of minimalism and clean lines with the chaos and violence that exists in today's world. He is unafraid to show the ugly side of human nature, and yet Peterson chooses to see his work as more of a mirror, where looking at our own reflection can have the power to inspire change. Peterson celebrated his solo debut in Hong Kong last night with the opening of his pop-up solo exhibition, "Purity", in cooperation with local arts organization, Over the Influence.
In a nondescript building on the outskirts of Downtown Los Angeles is a new pop-up art installation and marketplace called "W.I.P." (Work in Progress). The installation, co-curated by Roger Gastman and Doug Davis, is housed in a 5,000 square foot space that was formerly a karaoke bar, where it had a unique layout with multiple rooms that are now sectioned into the main and sub-galleries. Each side room is home to one or two artists giving each it's own feel and presence and the space, like many of the artists represented, exists at the cross section of urban and fine art. "W.I.P." is a constantly evolving exhibit.
The brutal paintings of Cleon Peterson (covered here) have a visceral effect on the viewer, plunging them deeply into a world of chaos, ruin and violence. On August 29th, Peterson brings his iconic style to Detroit's Library Street Collective for his latest exhibition, "Poison." "The show is about revenge, which is a current of poison running through our culture and other cultures around the world." Peterson shares. "It's often a motivation for war and a justification for punishment. It is a social impulse that is destructive and easy to be complicit in." Peterson is deliberate in his unflinching presentation of the darker side of human nature. In this world, muscle-headed brutes cross swords and knives, locked in a cycle of aggression.

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