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Infused with ecstasy and a dark beauty, Marco Mazzoni's art underlines the connection between the natural world and our own. First featured on the cover of Hi-Fructose Vol. 20, and our blog, the Milan, Italy based artist uses nature as symbolism for his own observations about life, where ghostly figures often emerge in the final stage of drawing. Their eyes are never shown, as Mazzoni sees his work more like a composition of still life of small animals, flowers and leaves, rather than a portrait, rendered only using colored pencil.
On April 16, Marco Mazzoni (HF Vol. 20 cover artist) will debut his solo show "Home" at Galleria Giovanni Bonelli in Milan, the city where he is based. As the title suggests, this exhibition represents a homecoming for the Italian artist, who has spent the majority of the past two years exhibiting abroad. While he has cultivated a large international fan base, his latest exhibition offers his Milanese audience a chance to see his latest color pencil drawings and Moleskine notebook pieces. Infused with dark beauty, Mazzoni's art draws a connection between the natural and spiritual worlds, illuminating the mystical qualities of the wild.
Around this time in 2005, Thinkspace gallery opened its doors in Los Angeles and gave many now-notable Contemporary artists their first big breaks. Several have graced the covers and pages of Hi-Fructose print and online- Audrey Kawasaki, Stella Im Hultberg, Natalia Fabia, Kukula, Andrew Hem, Fuco Ueda, and countless more. Rainy and freezing weather last Saturday didn't stop the entire "familia" from turning out to celebrate Thinkspace's 10 year anniversary (previewed here). The show boasts their 115 paintings on 10"x10" panels (nearly, all of which sold) provided by Trekell art supplies. Check out our photos after the jump!
The natural world is a never-ending source of inspiration for Italian artist Marco Mazzoni (Hi-Fructose Vol. 20 cover artist), whose colored pencil drawings explore the worlds of pagan healers, midwives and herbalists. These women were deemed witches at various points in history, for their knowledge threatened the patriarchal power structure of the Christian church. Mazzoni specifically culls his imagery from 16th-to-18th-century Sardinian folklore, studying the region's historically matriarchal culture. His latest exhibition of drawings, "Immune," will open at Thinkspace in Culver City on November 8 alongside Keita Morimoto's show "Tronie."
In July 2013, we partnered with Marco Mazzoni (featured on the cover of Hi-Fructose Vol. 20) and Pressure Printing to create these “Santa Lucia” Hand-Embellished Prints. We sold out of these immediately. Marco Mazzoni has generously decided to have Hi-Fructose donate 100% of the proceeds from his five artist proofs to support the Huntington's Disease Society of America's fight for a cure for Huntington's Disease. The prints are each hand embellished by the artist, making them one of a kind items. See complete details after the jump.

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