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In Kate MacDowell‘s recent work, subtle aspects of the animals she sculpts subvert expectations. Some of MacDowell’s new pieces are part of the new group show “Subversive Suburbia” at Mindy Solomon Gallery, kicking off on Friday. Her porcelain creatures and plantlife have long looked at both vulnerability and power of the natural world. MacDowell was last featured on here.

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Kate MacDowell‘s handsculpted, porcelain creatures and plantlife look at both the vulnerability and power of the natural world. The artist says she choses “porcelain for its luminous and ghostly qualities as well as its strength and ability to show fine texture.” MacDowell is featured in the Hi-Fructose Collected 4 boxset.

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The next print issue of Hi-Fructose New Contemporary Art Magazine arrives in stores October 1st! It features a cover story on Jean-Pierre Roy, the colorful murals and art of Jet Martinez, narrative painter Mia Araujo, Andy Paiko’s ornate kinetic glass sculptures, Seamus Conley’s mood orienting paintings, stenciled street art from Logan Hicks, the drawings of Ryan Salge, a retrospective story on the murals of Kent Twitchell, an in-depth article on photographer Blake Little’s controversial honey-covered “Preservation” series. Plus reviews on the new George Barris monograph; Daniel Clowes and the new Eightball Collection, and much more! Pre-order from our store today here!

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Portland, Oregon-based artist Kate MacDowell (first featured in HF Vol. 15) will present a new series of ceramic sculptures at Miami’s Mindy Solomon Gallery on April 10. A reflection on the toll human activity has taken on the environment, her solo show “Completely Exposed” features porcelain sculptures of various species. “My newest work explores our physical and psychological relationships to the animal kingdom,” MacDowell writes. “Whether as proxy, trophy, raw material, or mythic symbol, animals currently occupy a space in our subconscious which layers history, fable, and an awareness of species fragility.” With species going extinct at alarming rates over the past 40 years, “Completely Exposed” is a timely and urgent rumination on the state of our planet.