Marcel Dzama Designs Costumes and Installation for New York City Ballet

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Brookyln based artist Marcel Dzama, featured here on our blog, is well known for intricate dioramas and large scale polyptychs that draw from his talents across a range of media. Dzama works in multiple disciplines to bring his cast of human figures, animals, and imaginary hybrids to life, and has developed an international reputation and following for his art that depicts fanciful, anachronistic worlds. Following their highly acclaimed installations by FAILE, JR, and Dustin Yellin, New York City Ballet has chosen Dzama as their next collaborator for their 2016 series. The collaboration marks the artist’s first ever digital installation on the theater’s Promenade, and will extend onto the stage with his costume and set designs for the ballet based on Hans Christian Andersen’s dark fairytale, “The Most Incredible Thing”. “A lot of the pieces were influenced by the actual ballet,” Dzama shares. “Some of the characters will appear in the work in the Promenade as well, and original sketches and ideas for the costumes. It’s been really exciting to have that cross over exist with eachother. I have a sketchbook beside my bed and I write down ideas that kind of pop in, just before I fall asleep. At least 3 or 4 of the costumes came from that time period. There’s this kind of 4am-hour feel to a lot of my work I think, and its nice to see it in live action now.”

Dzama’s work will be on view at three special New York City Ballet Art Series performances at Lincoln Center on the evening of February 6th, and during a matinee and evening performance on February 11th and 19th.

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