On View: Les Ballets de Faile for the NYCB Art Series

by Manuel BelloPosted on

On May 29, the final curtain fell on Les Ballets De Faile, a collaboration between the artist collective known as Faile and the prestigious New York City Ballet at Lincoln Center. Faile went big on the the first collaboration with the Tower of Faile for the NYCB’s February 1 performance. For the second installment, the duo exhibited an incredible assortment of their iconic prayer wheels. In addition to the ball room full of spinning totems, they also decked the halls with intricate wooden block works incased in steel frames. While you may not have had the chance to see the actual ballet performance, you can still get over to Lincoln Center to see the artwork during the select times for free public viewing June 6-9. If you have the means, we suggest you go and take a look.

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