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Brookyln based artist Marcel Dzama, featured here on our blog, is well known for intricate dioramas and large scale polyptychs that draw from his talents across a range of media. Dzama works in multiple disciplines to bring his cast of human figures, animals, and imaginary hybrids to life, and has developed an international reputation and following for his art that depicts fanciful, anachronistic worlds. Following their highly acclaimed installations by FAILE, JR, and Dustin Yellin, New York City Ballet has chosen Dzama as their next collaborator for their 2016 series.
Brooklyn based sculptor Dustin Yellin (previously covered here) has earned acclaim for his monumental figures made of collaged materials inside of glass panels. The artist calls them "paintings-sculptures" for his combined use of drawings, paintings, magazine clippings, and three-dimensional works, weighing 12 tons at their largest. Inspired by 19th century taxonomic art, Yellin's work focuses on otherworldly mutations of living things, especially plants and insects. His recently completed "Psychogeographies" is now on permanent display at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington, DC.

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