Opening Night: “Praeteritum Nunc Futurum” at Merry Karnowsky Gallery

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Merry Karnowsky set the mood of the holiday season with their year-end exhibition, “Praeteritum Nunc Futurum” on Saturday. Outside, the weather was crisp and colored lights lit the window, while inside the gallery offered a preview of shows to come. Although wide open in theme, works by artists Craola, Travis Louie, Nicola Verlato, Andrew Hem, Lezley Saar, Todd Carpenter, devNgosha, and more compliment eachother nicely. In our preview, we pointed to their combined ability to mix traditional artistic techniques with modern themes.

“Madhouse” by Nicola Verlato

Some pieces, such as Sashie Masakatsu’s were first shown in “Parallel Universe” but hint at future exhibitions- Sashie is slated to exhibit a new series in 2015. Many artists boldy capture an air of strength and energy. Nicola Verlato’s “Madhouse”, for example, captures singer Kimba with explosive energy that is very primal and physical. Andrew Hem’s subjects also leap in mid air triumphantly, set amid his signature lush backdrop. They embody a sense of hope that the new year has to offer. Take a look at our photos from the opening below.

Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins and Nicola Verlato on opening night. (Photo courtesy Birdman.)

(Photo courtesy Birdman.)

(Photo courtesy Birdman.)

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