Vampires Vs. Unicorns: Card Game With Art by Travis Lampe, Travis Louie

by Andy SmithPosted on

Artists Travis Lampe and Travis Louie created the art for the upcoming “card throwing/tile game” Vampires vs. Unicorns: Floor War. The Yumfactory game was constructed by game designer Jim DuBois and Hi-Fructose co-founder Attaboy, based on an original concept by DuBois.

The titular battle between the two mythical species features art by Lampe on the Unicorn side and and Louie on the Vampire side. Lampe is a revered Chicago-based artist and illustrator who who describes his output as “ridiculous art, sad toys, and other dumb stuff.” Louie, living in New York City, creates work grounded in Edwardian and Victorian sensibilities. And the game’s illustrated 14 tile pieces are ready for framing.

From the game’s official description: “Draw from your deck of cards to RAISE THE DEAD, cause a UNICORN STAMPEDE, and more! It’s up to you to find the best throwing technique to destroy your opponent’s FLOOR TILES, but, like, BEWARE! As not all tiles are the same!”

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