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Italian-American painter/sculptor Nicola Verlato first noticed similarities between the vector graphics of the film Tron and early Renaissance work back in 1982. Since, he’s pursued a new methodology in how figurative works are produced, now integrating CGI software into his approach. In a new show at Gallery Poulsen in Copenhagen, the artist premieres works that continue the artist’s evolution. "New Methodological Foundations for Contemporary Painting" kicks off May 5 and lasts through Oct. 6. Verlato was last featured on here.
International artists channel their sense of adventure into new works for Gallery Poulsen's show, "Blaze of Glory." Opening tonight, the exhibition presents adventurous paintings in both concept and style. Their collective vision is not the Wild West that you've seen in movies. Each explores their respective cultures, or the very idea of exploration, whether inspired by the American Fronteir to Eastern historical battles. Check out our preview after the jump.
Now on view at Merry Karnowsky Gallery in Los Angeles, Johnny 'KMNDZ' Rodriguez and Nicola Verlato's dual exhibitions paint uniquely personal pictures of conflict. There is no universal definition of what it means to struggle; whether we are emotionally conflicted with ourselves, or there is some form of friction between cultural groups, as in Verlato's works. Interestingly, both artists portray this with symbols of weaponry. View more of their new works after the jump.
Merry Karnowsky set the mood of the holiday season with their year-end exhibition, "Praeteritum Nunc Futurum" on Saturday. Outside, the weather was crisp and colored lights lit the window, while inside the gallery offered a preview of shows to come. Although wide open in theme, works by artists Craola, Travis Louie, Nicola Verlato, Andrew Hem, Lezley Saar, Todd Carpenter, devNgosha, and more compliment eachother nicely. Take a look at our photos from opening night after the jump!
Last Saturday, Merry Karnowsky looked to the La Brea Tar pits for the inspiration behind their pop-up gallery at Tarfest. Produced by LAUNCH, the event is an annual music and arts festival paying homage to Los Angeles' natural wonder, while fostering creative expression. The famous seepage has been happening for tens of thousands of years, and continues to ensnare organisms today. These unlucky flora and fauna were interpreted by artists Greg 'Craola' Simkins, Todd Carpenter, Lezley Saar, Von Sumner, and James Griffith, who used tar as his painting medium. With the pits just a few hundred feet away, their renderings merged new culture with this culturally historic spot.

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