Travis Louie, Redd Walitzki, and More Exhibit New Works with A “Plus One”

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Meghan Howland

Opening tomorrow, Roq la Rue’s new group exhibition “Plus One” gives their artists the opportunity to pair up with their latest inspirations. There are twelve artists in the exhibition, six selected artists and their +1’s: HF Vol. 27’s Stacey Rozich (+ Matt Craven), John Brophy (+ Deanna Adona), Peter Ferguson (+ Olivier Bonnard), HF Vol. 32 cover artist Travis Louie (+ Dorian Vallejo), Redd Walitzki (+ Meghan Howland), and Amanda Manitach (+ Adam Mars). Travis Louie, just coming off his “Archive of Lost Species” exhibition, contributes an acrylic portrait in his soft style that mimics photographic effects. His subjects, here a 19th-century ghostly woman and flying fish, seem to exist in two realms. He shares a fascination with this sort of duality with his +1, Dorian Vallejo. Vallejo’s monochromatic-blue painting combines a floating nude with abstract, organic motifs. His use of beauty as a symbolic metaphor also compliments Redd Walitzki’s themes. Her new painting, with laser-cut floral edges, is a delicate portrayal of a young man with butterflies. The incorporation of butterfly wings (of which she shot a progress video here) enhances the piece’s overall sense of movement. There is also this flury of activity between figure and nature in the works of her +1, Meghan Howland. By obscuring her subjects with dynamic, natural elements, Howland suggests a passage of time. For more images from the exhibition, take a look at our preview below, courtesy of the gallery.

“Plus One” will be on view at Roq la Rue from June 12 to 27.

Redd Walitzki

Travis Louie

Dorian Vallejo

Stacey Rozich

Matthew Craven

John Brophy

Peter Ferguson

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