Hi-Fructose Volume 27 Preview!

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We’re pleased to announce our next quarterly issue of Hi-Fructose The New Contemporary Art Magazine Volume 27. In April’s issue we find the best New Contemporary artists from around the world. In it we get overwhelmed by the hyper-real sculptor Sam Jinks, discover the paintings of Stacey Rozich, get mesmerized by the paper sculptor Lisa Nilsson, then find the colorfully bold sculptures of Troy Coulterman. We then travel to Wales to visit Dudug and the Black Duke cruise ship as it gets re-purposed, then to South Korea as we explore the paintings of Lee Jinju and learn about her troubled past, followed by a feature on the dynamic paintings of this issue’s cover artist Erik Jones. Then we take a peek under the anatomical style work of Michael Reedy, destroy currency with acclaimed tatooist/artist Scott Campbell, but not before we take a look at the Hi-Fructose exclusive special 16 page Inside the Sketchbook insert of artist Marco Mazzoni! Plus Taschen‘s TreeHouses book, a new book from Mitch O’Connell and a new show by painter Dan Quintana. Hi-Fructose Vol.27 is set to arrive in April but can be pre-ordered from the Hi-Fructose store today here.

Erik Jones

Troy Coulterman

Stacey Rozich

Lisa Nilsson

Sam Jinks

Michael Reedy

Marco Mazzoni

Lee Jinju

The Black Duke

Scott Campbell

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