The Oil Paintings of Sarah Slappey

by Andy SmithPosted on

At once lush and eerie, Sarah Slappey’s oil paintings offer vague limbs and organs against natural environments. Of her distinct visual language, she’s said “I wanted to build a world from the bottom up.” The South Carolina native, now residing in Brooklyn, New York, has recently shown these scenes at venues in New York City and Switzerland.

“Intersecting human and environmental boughs, Slappey’s enigmatic works connect vulnerabilities and affinities of the present through lush fantasy and self-horror,” Hesse Flatow says of the artist, in a piece from curator Alison Karasyk. “Limbs glisten with slime, spotlights reveal tender secrets beneath the darkness of twilight, and nutrients are exchanged between the damp forest and a swelling anthropoid.”

See more of her paintings on her site.

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