Attaboy Returns to Compound Gallery With ‘Future Human’

by Andy SmithPosted on

Travel to a time where humans prevail in all their primeval glory in Attaboy’s new show at The Compound Gallery. This body of work includes the buzzed-about rock paintings on rocks, adding to the meta-nature of the new show that seems to be extracted from animation. Is this place the fate of the future or is it a temporal glimpse into our primitive past? Either way, you are sure to enjoy a silent moment with the Monocrag—or take a hike on the Triple Cragscape. Come for the humans, stay for the future. The “Future Human” sideshow will be up in the grey gallery beginning October 19, so you better get yourself a souvenir before this painted epoch ends.

“I’ve long been fascinated by the backgrounds of animation, especially Maurice Noble and Eyvinde Earle,” Attaboy says. “The cliffs and rocky ledges of the roadrunner especially. And the near abstract, yet recognizable nature of the settings. When I moved to California and experienced my first winter, I remember gasping at the bright green Teletubby hills, in the winter! I want to be in a cartoon, be dwarfed by the settings. Perhaps these are what the rock thinks they look like to us.”

See more works from the show below and on the gallery’s site.

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