The Evolving Structural Portraits of Jessica Hess

by Andy SmithPosted on

Jessica Hess’s paintings of time-worn structures feel patched together like memories, carrying signs of past stages and residents. The artist’s ongoing dialogue with “survey of derelict spaces void of human presence,” as described in one statement, takes a more vibrant turn in how these buildings evolve. Though none of these paintings features humans, all take on a ghostly personality, as rendered by Hess. She was last featured on here.

“Hess’ new work develops the narrative set forth by her previous exhibition ‘More Is More’ by detailing the continuous change in these vacated structures,” a statement says. “Graffiti saturated buildings have been buffed over, abandoned homes are boarded up and repainted. These subdued moments provoke contemplation of the cyclical nature of our built environments.”

See more of the painter’s recent work below.

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