The Recent Drawings of Jim Woodring

by Andy SmithPosted on

Jim Woodring’s recent drawings include the above pen-and-ink scene, a 5-foot-wide and 3-foot-tall work depicting what the artists calls “an open-air emergency room under the full moon.” The work took nine months to complete. The revered illustrator was featured way back in Hi-Fructose Vol. 3, a feature that was later part of Hi-Fructose Collected – Volume 1.

Woodring is known in the comic book, fine art, and toy design spheres, and his anthropomorphic character Frank appears in both one-off works and graphic novels. His most recent collection, Poochytown, was released by Fantagraphics last year. “Utterly devoid of topicality, irony, or deliberate cynicism, the Frank stories are instead timeless cartoon sustenance, and Poochytown is the most opulently openhanded offering yet,” the publisher says.

See more of his work below.

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