Mysterious Antiques in Anna Lea Hucht’s Ceramics and Watercolors

by Roxanne GoldbergPosted on

Berlin-based artist Anna Lea Hucht creates drawings, watercolors and ceramics with solemn, and sometimes sinister undertones. The works have an aesthetic lightness which betrays their more disquieting subjects. Upon first look, Hucht’s domestic scenes are peaceful, tame. However, closer observation reveals individuals forlorn, lost among the trinkets and knickknacks that fill their homes. Hucht’s artworks are intriguing for their exacting detail that lends a specific personality and history to the people depicted. For example, Hucht offers clues about a woman seen behind a bookshelf containing a flask and beaded fringe lamp situated between ceramic vases and kitsch figurines.

In other, more active charcoal drawings and water colors, Hucht sets up mysterious scenes. In one black-and-white image, a woman drops a vase. In a room filled with antiques, one wonders if the action was intentional, an accident, or the result of an unknown force. In a kitchen scene, it is unclear if two individuals are stealing food or merely placing their groceries. The uncertainty surrounding Hutch’s images are fodder for uncanny imaginings.

Hucht’s interest in people and their relation to objects is further explored in her ceramics in the form of faces or containing only eyes. These have been exhibited juxtaposed paintings of personified objects like African masks and Buddhist sculptures. The sacred statues are clothed and situated in modern interiors decorated with wicker furniture and tables filled with fruit and tea. Together, the presented objects suggest a Night at the Museum scenario, in which the magic of these relics becomes all the more real.

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