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"Ouroboros" by Lana Crooks

In All that Remains, the new exhibition at Stranger Factory, a diverse group of artists offer their own interpretations of the phrase, "What remains when all is said and done?" Curated by Lana Crooks (who also appears in the exhibition), the group show runs October 7-31, 2016. Participating artists include Adipocere, Jeremy Bastian, Jessica Dalva, Kristina Drake, Matt Hall, Stephanie Inagaki, Darla Jackson, Jessica Joslin, Jennifer Joslin, Mahlimae, Lauren Marx, Caitlin McCormick, Stephanie Metz, Christina Mrozik, Forest Rogers, Virginie Ropars, Sinan Soykut, Tyler Thrasher, Jake Waldron, and Katherine Walsh (FearsomeBeast). View more photos from All that Remains behind the cut.
Oregon based artist Zoe Keller and Michigan based Christina Mrozik each enhance the beauty of nature in their drawings. Their graphite drawings take inspiration from natural forms and creatures, recreating them in highly stylized compositions. The pair have embraced their stylistic similarities by collaborating together on a new exhibition at Portland's Antler Gallery. Titled "Intricacies", their exhibition renders nature with intricate detail in an elaborate narrative featuring flora and fauna.
Christina Mrozik creates detailed mixed-media drawings that reimagine her experiences with nature. She makes beauty out of the chaos of the animal kingdom, stylizing birds' bodies to fit into still life-like arrangements ornamented with flowers, bones and branches. But despite the stylistic similarities to still lifes, Mrozik's cranes and owls appear highly animated. She depicts the animals' struggles to survive, rendering the battles between species with graceful choreography that almost resembles a form of dance.

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