Preview: Into the Wild with Nicomi Nix Turner and Sarah Louise Davey

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

On April 24, Paradigm Gallery + Studio in Philadelphia will debut two solo shows that explore humans’ connection to nature: Nicomi Nix Turner’s “No God for a Wanderer” and Sarah Louise Davey’s “The Garden of No Distant Place.” While Davey works in clay and Turner, in pencil, the two artists share a common interest in feminine, nymph-like characters that seem to belong in the wild.

Light and ethereal, Turner’s drawings feature delicate flora and fauna. The women that appear in some of her drawings resemble pagan priestesses with their expansive, crown-like head ornaments filled with mushrooms and butterflies. In “The Garden of No Distant Place,” Davey images what she calls “the feral female,” a mythical character that is not quite human. Wide-eyed and vulnerable, these characters represent a range of the artist’s emotions.

Sarah Louise Davey:

Nicomi Nix Turner:

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