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Jon Fox’s works are overflowing with varied influences and motifs, packed with explorations of identity and contemporary pressures. The existential quality of these acrylic and oil paintings extends out from these otherworldly characters and into the viewer. The artist says that "if you go far enough inside yourself as an individual, you reach a universal space that we all share and are connected to." Fox was last mentioned on here.
There’s a wild energy to Jon Fox’s work, present even when subjects stand still and stare at the viewer. With Fox’s oil paintings, specifically, the works burst and crack in defiance against the medium. And in each corner, a symphony of apparitions, with Japanese, geometric, and otherworldly influences, offers a new entry point.
Jon Fox's paintings (featured in Hi-Fructose Vol. 30) unfurl epic battles where human characters appear minuscule and inconsequential amid the spirits and deities running amuck in his otherworldly dimension. Fox's scenes are large and sprawling, with multiple narratives occurring simultaneously. The UK-based artist's new work will debut at his next solo show, "If You Don't Object Then You Must Agree," opening at White Walls Gallery in San Francisco on January 31.

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