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Erin Anderson’s paintings of figures on copper plates have a spiritual, almost supernatural, quality about them, but they are by no means idealized portraits. Preferring to capture the real essence of the nude men and women that she paints, her subjects become icons we can more easily relate to, linked together by their glimmering backgrounds. Anderson’s art, previously featured here on our blog, employs a dichotomy between the oils and the etched patterns in the cooper, where these separate elements in the individual pieces creates a “system” or flow that unifies the works as a whole.

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Erin Anderson paints with oils on copper sheets, strategically using negative space to incorporate her surface’s glimmering texture into her compositions. Her portraits are realistic and straightforward. But the copper swirls that envelop her subjects endows these ordinary people with a supernatural glow. Anderson etches the metal, giving it texture and a sense of movement . She states that she is interested in learning about the ways various elements of nature are connected and hopes to illustrate a similar, universal connection among her human subjects.