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Kari-Lise Alexander

A new show at Roq La Rue Gallery features the elegant and arresting work of three painters, Laurie Lee Brom, Syd Bee, and Kari-Lise Alexander, each offering works under the show banner, “The Visions of Graces.” The show opened this week at the Seattle venue—and runs through July 7. (Bee was last featured in a Q&A here, and Alexander was last shown on our site here.)
Next Friday, La Luz de Jesus gallery in Hollywood will dot their walls with thousands of coasters for the third year in a row. As most artists will tell you, it is the smallest works that are the most challenging to create. In the case of the Coaster Show, where the coasters measure 4" inches round, they require confidence in one's technique and precision. Their sizes aren't the only aspect of the show that is small. The affordability of the works attracted hundreds of fans to last year's show, who scrambled to get a piece by one of their favorite artists. This year, that list includes well-known names alongside emerging talents.
Syd Bee is a Seattle-based painter that creates figurative paintings that often appear to exist in a dreamlike state. Working in oils, the artist employs a technique of creating a pastel-hued glow around her subjects. Bee enjoys the way the soft outer edges of the paintings feel optically; which enhances the mysterious effect produced by her oil paintings. Check out our interview with the artist after the jump, as she discusses her new work.

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