The Intimate, Obscured Figures of Kent Williams

by Andy SmithPosted on

The oil paintings Kent Williams are often blends of bold figures and vibrant abstractions, moving between exhibiting the strength, frailty, and elegance of the human form. In his newer works, the subjects are increasingly obscured. Yet, they’re intimacy is amplified, as rendered by Williams. The painter was last mentioned on here.

“His work is characterized by strong, gestural forms combined with areas of arresting detail rendered with rich, dynamic brushwork,” says a release from The Van Every/Smith Galleries. “Boldly articulated figures are often obscured or surrounded by abstracted, neo-expressionistic environments. Williams’ approach to his subjects is subjective and intense, and there is often an autobiographical narrative at play. Favorite models, friends, and the artist himself all play a role in the human story of his paintings.”

Williams is based in Los Angeles. Recent exhibitions have taken his work to L.A., Worchester, Davidson, N.C., and Santa Fe.

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