Javier Pérez’s Sculptures Explore Ties Between Humanity, Nature

by Andy SmithPosted on

The figurative sculptures of Javier Pérez tether our bodies to nature in both morbid and elegant approaches, using material like polyester resin and animal intestines. The artist uses sculpture, drawing, video, and performance art to explore these themes.

“With his work, Javier Pérez reveals his inquiries and reflections on mankind, using a language full of intense metaphor and imbued with a strong symbolism,” a statement says. His works contain an intrinsic dialectic, showing how weak can be the boundary between concepts seemingly opposite such as the natural and the cultural, the inside and the outside or life and death. The idea of cyclical fluctuations, circularity, temporality and impermanence are some of the artist’s recurring themes.”

See more of his work below.

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