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Painter Adrian Cox continues to expand the mythology of his hybrid Border Creatures in "Awakenings." Opening at Beinart Gallery on April 6, the show takes us inside the Borderlands and the latest narratives involving his fictional race of creatures that are in harmony with the natural world. This show features a new being, named Penitent Spirit, dwelling his lush world. Cox was featured in Hi-Fructose Vol. 47.

Adrian Cox

A new group show at Modern Eden Gallery offers three varying approaches to magical realism, with artists Adrian Cox, Kindra Nikole, and Michael Campbell. Cox was recently featured in Hi-Fructose Vol. 47, and Campbell is part of the upcoming “The Art of the Mushroom” group show (Oct. 20-Dec. 9) at The Compound Gallery, presented by Hi-Fructose. “Origin” kicks off at Modern Eden on Aug. 18.
Adrian Cox’s oil paintings capture scenes with his fictional Border Creatures, dwellers of the so-called “Borderlands” and hybrid creatures that blend the flora, fauna, and minerals of their environment. In two new shows, one at 111 Minna Gallery in San Francisco and the other at Australia’s beinArt Gallery, Cox tells new narratives within this context. Both shows run through most of June. You may remember Cox from this 2015 piece on the artist.
To the artists in Roq La Rue's upcoming exhibition "Lush Life: Reverie", the lushness of late summer means bright pops of color, surreal fertile gardens, sensual heroines, and luxurious depictions of nature. Opening July 30th, the Seattle gallery is bringing back their "Lush Life" exhibition series with a newfound sense of fantasy. The exhibit features artists that have always explored natural themes to varying degree; Adrian Cox, Amanda Manitach, Ashley Eliza Williams, Casey Curran, Casey Weldon (HF Vol. 32), Christian Rex Van Minnen (HF Vol. 25), Eric Wert (HF Vol, 32), Erin Kendig, Esao Andrews (HF Vol. 8), Helen Bayly, Jeff Soto (HF Vol. 18), Jonathan Viner (HF Vol. 34), Kazuki Takamatsu (HF Vol. 33 cover artist), Lauren Marx, Laurie Lee Brom, Lowell Poisson, Marco Mazzoni (HF Vol. 20 cover artit), Peter Ferguson, Ryan Heshka, Sam Wolfe Connelly (HF Vol. 32), Scott Hove (HF Collected 3), and Tyna Ontko.
Missouri based artist Adrian Cox's fleshy "borderlands" and their inhabitants may look off-putting and weird, but there is also natural beauty to be found in this imaginary world. His oil paintings, works on paper, and sculptures are all treated with the soft touch of 19th century Romantic landscape painting. Previously covered here, Cox's human-like subjects called the "Border Creatures" have been compared to David Lynch's Elephant Man; abstract lumps of skin and muscle with vague features. His latest series introduces new characters, "gardeners," the caretakers of glowing mounds of birds, bugs and snakes. 

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