Kent Williams Curates ‘Emotional Content’ With 9 Artists At Evoke Contemporary

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Kent Williams

“EMOTIONAL CONTENT: Works on Paper” brings the work of nine artists to Evoke Contemporary in Santa Fe, N.M. Curated by artist Kent Williams, the show defies what Williams considers to be a prevalent aspect of contemporary art: detachment. In a statement, the artist clarifies the charge of this show, which kicked off Sept. 30 and runs through Nov. 19 at the gallery.

Aron Wiesenfeld

Nicolás Uribe

“Avoiding the last two or more decades’ trend for sterile, affectingly detached and branded works of art, I’ve asked a select group of artists who channel emotion into every move they make – every mark-making decision put to paper, to participate in my curatorial debut for Evoke Contemporary,” Williams says. “Works where personality plays a major role in the makeup of the projective goal. ”

Jennifer Poon

Kymia Nawabi

Aside from his own work, Williams handpicks a diverse lineup of artists with works on paper: Kymia Nawabi, Jennifer Poon, Nicolás Uribe, Aron Wiesenfeld, Chris Anthony, Alice Leora Briggs, Kevin Llewellyn, Soey Milk, and Williams himself round out the list. While the work of Briggs uses text to offer insight into the narratives of her work, the subjects of Uribe’s work are decidedly more sparse, focusing on a single person at a time. In all of the works of “EMOTIONAL CONTENT,” viewers are absorbed and invited into works that transcend the aesthetic.

Soey Milk

Chris Anthony

Alice Leora Briggs

Kevin Llewellyn

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