Etam Cru’s “Mr. Rooster” is the Duo’s Second Major Mural in the US

by CaroPosted on

Having just come off their exhibition at Thinkspace Gallery in Los Angeles (covered here), Polish street art duo Sainer and Bezt, known as Etam Cru, recently completed their second major mural in the United States. Co-produced by Thinkspace and Branded Arts, their wall “Mr. Rooster” is a massive portrait of a young country boy with a rooster standing on his shoulders as he looks over the smoggy city of Los Angeles. The contrast between the boy’s rural Eastern European appearance to that of the bustling city behind him is striking and characteristic of Etam Cru’s work, first featured in Hi-Fructose Vol. 32, whose several-stories tall murals pop easily in urban places. In an email to Hi-Fructose, Sainer shared, “We prefer to leave the full story for the people to interpret, for us its about the connection between people and nature and the rest should be based on people’s imagination and individual experiences. Art should not be defined.” Etam Cru’s mural is located at 8th and Wall in the Downtown Los Angeles Flower District.

Photos by Birdman.

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