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Etnik’s latest mural is a swirling collection of hues and geometric shapes, towering above an Italian street as part of the Without Frontiers Project. Etnik emerged as a graffiti-slinging street artist in the vibrant early ’90s, before integrating all facets of his into a versatile practices of canvas, sculpture, installations, and massive mural work into a holistic approach. The Italian-Swedish artist’s real name is Alessandro Battisti, and he’s currently based in Turin, Italy. The artist last appeared on here.

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Swedish painter Alessandro Battisti, better known as “ETNIK” began his journey as an artist over twenty years ago, beginning with painting his large-scale murals in suburban areas and anywhere else he could find. This was how he came to discover cities, and the concept of “city” has long been at the core of his art. First featured on our blog here, ETNIK’s work today is a colorful and geometric variety of murals, paintings, and sculpture inspired by the city environment and underground culture of his current home in Florence. He describes his abstract cityscapes as a “wild style”, and creating art is his way of understanding the world.