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Animated fun houses have been a staple in Dabs Myla's quirky world of characters. Originally hailing from Australia, the Los Angeles duo frequently features playful installations as a part of their exhibits. Most recently, the world got to see their set design chops in action when they designed a massive backdrop for the 2015 MTV Movie Awards. One month later, Modernica Factory in Los Angeles came knocking on their door. The company is well known on the west coast for its locally made mid-century inspired home furnishings. Nearly six months have gone by since their first meeting, and today Modernica and Dabs Myla will debut what the couple calls their "dream art-house".
This Saturday, Merry Karnowsky gallery will exhibit 17 new works from their roster with "Aggregate". The exhibition is part of the gallery's expansion as the KP Projects, here celebrating their collaboration with Zero+ Publishing. Curated by founder Kirk Pedersen, the show is a unique gathering that includes Andrew Hem, Edwin Ushiro, Augustine Kofie, Yumiko Kayukawa, Lisa Adams, Mercedes Helnwein, Blaine Fontana, and Dabs Myla, to name a few. Together, their paintings embody an adventurous spirit that is in tune with their editions, also on display.
Dabs Myla's oddball characters, Rime's vivid colors and Persue's trippy paintings all share an animated style- and tend to tread sensitive topics. On Saturday night, their worlds collided in "Touchy Subjects" at The Seventh Letter gallery in Los Angeles. Co-existing in the same space, it was almost like a scene out of toontown in In Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Everything comes to life in a remarkably fun way, but it's also slightly dangerous, erratic, and yes, touchy. More after the jump!
Urban Spree Gallery in Berlin is now making preparations for their huge street art show opening September 18th, “DUBL TRUBL”. Curated by artist Dscreet, the exhibition will boast 80 names you might be familiar with- Miss Van & Ciro, Ghostpatrol & Merda, Lush & Dscreet, Tizer & Ebot, Anthony Lister, Dabs and Myla, Pure Evil, and many more. The project is aptly named in anticipation of ‘doubling up’ artists who will be collaborating in addition to showing new work. We previously reviewed Miss Van and Ciro’s collaborative work last September, making this an anniversary of sorts. The artists in this show are paired because of their clashing styles, rather than similarities, celebrating the spontaneity and improvisation that comes with collaboration. It’s always fun when artists who don't normally work together join efforts.

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