Opening Night: Miss Van and Ciro Schu at Soze Gallery and Time to Shine

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Last Saturday saw the double opening of “Room for Cream” by Miss Van and “Makumbia” by Ciro Schu at sister galleries Soze and Time to Shine in LA. When Miss Van first met Ciro Schu in Barcelona, where she is based, the pair of artists hit it off immediately and started painting walls together. They later met again in Sao Paulo, Brazil and the rest is history. “We started to collaborate on other works in the studio. He was doing sculptures with old, random found woods and did two frames for me to paint in,” Miss Van shared with Hi-Fructose. What we see is the result of six months of collaboration.

“Ciro Schu’s artwork is raw, massing and masculine. Mine is delicate, round, and very feminine. We are so opposite that the union of both works somehow.” For all of their stylistic differences, both artists share similarities. Miss Van and Ciro Schu describe themselves as artists who are spontaneous and enjoy the improvisation that comes with painting. “Room for Cream” and “Makumbia” complement each other in more ways, such as their choice of natural materials, like wood and handmade paper, leather, and brown and gold palettes.

Miss Van pointed out the vintage look to the shapes and characters, which she describes as wild and primitive, but still classy and elegant. The collaboration piece, “Foxy Wood,” acrylic by Miss Van on wood frame by Ciro Schu, is an excellent example. Miss Van’s composition and the animalistic stare of her subject matches the undulating shape of the frame inspired by Native American symbolism. Miss Van chose motifs such as masks and hairs as aesthetic tools to hide or reveal her subject’s wild nature. The hairs are flowing, waving around the body and face, adapting to any curves, and giving a dreamy feeling of the whole picture. Miss Van said, “In between darkness and eroticism, fantasies and classic portraits represent my intimate vision of a timeless femininity, sassy and classy, soft and provocative.” In the end, both artists continue to stay true to themselves and their collaboration satisfies fans of their work together and apart.

“Room for Cream” by Miss Van exhibits at Soze Gallery, September 21 – October 21, 2013. “Makumbia” by Ciro Schu exhibits at Time to Shine Gallery, September 21 – October 21, 2013.

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