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Logan Hicks

Logan Hicks, Shepard Fairey, Axel Void, and other artists take part in a look at the modern history of urban art in an exhibit currently running at the Thomas Center Galleries in Gainesville, Fla. “UNCONTAINABLE: Urban Art from Vandalism to Movement,” created with the National Institute of Urban Art, is a survey with 25 globally known artists. And the collection of work offers insight into the varied types of urban art created in every corner.

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Robert Proch is a muralist, painter, and animator who lives and works in Poznan, Poland. His dynamic creations, featuring human figures and city landscapes, constantly push the boundaries of what we define as “street art” and “fine art” – whether they’re adorning the side of a building or displayed in a more traditional gallery setting. Proch is influenced by both genres, pulling from these two worlds to produce his unique, expressive pieces.

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The “Colorado crush” is a well known name among graffiti festivals, celebrating Denver’s vibrant art scene time and time again. Now in its sixth year, a new crop of incredible installations have hit the Denver area. Among them is Max Kauffman’s, in which the artist covered an entire house. “My work for the last few years has been going deeper and deeper into an architectural realm, inspired by concepts of house versus home, of sanctuary, of solace from the chaos of the world around us.”

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Animated fun houses have been a staple in Dabs Myla’s quirky world of characters. Originally hailing from Australia, the Los Angeles duo frequently features playful installations as a part of their exhibits. Most recently, the world got to see their set design chops in action when they designed a massive backdrop for the 2015 MTV Movie Awards. One month later, Modernica Factory in Los Angeles came knocking on their door. The company is well known on the west coast for its locally made mid-century inspired home furnishings. Nearly six months have gone by since their first meeting, and today Modernica and Dabs Myla will debut what the couple calls their “dream art-house”.

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Originally hailing from Australia, now based in Los Angeles, David “Meggs” Hooke creates explosive figurative works and murals using bright colors and raw textures. For his upcoming solo at Beyond Eden Art Fair in Los Angeles, Meggs looked beyond his usual comic book and mythological influences and turned to his natural environment. Titled “Paving Paradise”, his exhibit looks at the duality of our relationship between nature and that which is man-made. “It questions our effect on the planet’s rapidly diminishing natural resources, and where our values lie as living beings on this planet,” he told Hi-Fructose in a recent studio visit.

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Berlin-based Japanese artist Twoone has been pushing his style further in recent months. As we saw in our studio visit with him, and again last month, he continues to expand on his hyper colored palette and materials, bringing his works to life as fluorescent light boxes. Opening on October 8th, Twoone will exhibit a new series at AvantGarden Gallery in Milan, Italy.