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Naoto Hattori‘s creatures are both vivid and dreamlike, rendered in vibrant acrylics. The Japan-born artist creates absorbing work teeming with innocence. Each bends expectation and reality into beings alternate between disconcerting and ambrosial. Hattori was last mentioned on here.

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On August 15th, New York welcomed a new gallery, Haven Gallery, with their inaugural exhibition inspired by the idea of safe havens. Their first group of artists have wide ranging styles, many sharing whimsical qualities: Matt Dangler, Kukula (HF Vol. 7), Kari-lise Alexander, Nicomi Nix Turner, Dan Quintana (HF Vol. 27), Shaun Berke, Tom Bagshaw, Naoto Hattori (HF Vol. 7), Zoe Byland, Brian Mashburn, Regan Rosburg, Aunia Kahn, Caitlin McCormack, Rose Freymuth-Frazier, Redd Walitzki, and Nom Kinnear King. Their subjects span still life, landscapes, and figurative works, suggesting that refuge can be found both in the physical as well as within oneself.

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Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles just announced that they are moving to a new space, and they are saying goodbye to their Circa gallery with one of their most popular group exhibitions, “Art Collector Start Kit 3”. Opening this Saturday, the exhibit (previously covered here) annually showcases smaller works from both well established and new names in the New Contemporary scene. This year’s show is no less eclectic and presents 12″ x 12″ sized pieces from Brandi Milne, Hannah Yata, Hikari Shimoda (HF Vol. 29), Hirabayashi Takahiro, KiSung Koh, Korin Faught, Lori Nelson, Lu Cong, Naoto Hattori (HF Vol. 7 and 35), Yoh Nagao, and Yoko d’Holbachie (HF Vol. 6 cover artist), among over 30 artists.

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New York-based artist Naoto Hattori, first featured in HF Vol. 7 and most recently, HF Vol. 35, creates dreamy paintings that are snap shots from his visionary world. It is there in the private recesses of his consciousness where his subjects thrive, he says. Opening July 18th, Hattori’s next exhibition at Copro Gallery in Los Angeles titled “Genesis” delves even deeper into the artist’s mind – where we dare to think about our creation and place in the universe. See more after the jump.

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A New York City art space with a penchant for the macabre, Last Rites Gallery currently has its annual group show, “The 13th Hour,” on view just in time for Halloween. The show features artists who have come to be associated with Last Rites — Dan Quintana, Naoto Hattori, David Stoupakis, menton3, Paul Booth — as well as many unexpected participants like Hannah Yata, Nicomi Nix Turner, Brin Levinson and Jean Labourdette. However, these are just a few examples of the show’s wide-ranging roster. Take a look at some highlights from the exhibition below and check out the show through November 15.