Preview: Peter Ferguson’s “Prime Meridian” and “Uchronia” Group Show at Roq La Rue

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

April is a big month for Seattle’s Roq La Rue Gallery, with three shows all opening tonight. In their main room, Peter Ferguson presents a new collection of rust-hued paintings set sometime in the 19th century for his solo show, “Prime Meridian.” In this series, anachronistic villagers and city dwellers encounter increasingly more surreal characters than previously seen in his past work. Monsters invade old-fashioned pubs, schools, and manors — perhaps pointing to the monstrosities of the colonial period, the real-world context his work can’t escape.

Also on view in the main gallery, “Uchronia” is a small group show featuring artists that have long been on Roq La Rue’s roster, as well as some new additions. Femke Hiemstra, Lindsey Carr, Scott Musgrove, Jessica McCourt, Derek Knobbs, Syd Bee, and Olivia Knapp were invited to imagine alternative histories for real-life events or existing tales, resulting in many works with magical realist elements. In the project room, Amanda Manitach also has her show, “Whiskey Helps,” a collection of quirky illustrations with bittersweet messages. Check out a preview for “Uchronia” and “Prime Meridian” below.

Peter Ferguson, “Prime Meridian”:

“Uchronia” group show:

Scott Musgrove

Olivia Knapp

Femke Hiemstra

Lindsey Carr

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