Opening Night: Dabs Myla, Rime, and Persue at The Seventh Letter

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Dabs Myla’s oddball characters, Rime‘s vivid colors and Persue’s trippy paintings all share an animated style- and tend to tread sensitive topics. On Saturday night, their worlds collided in “Touchy Subjects” at The Seventh Letter gallery in Los Angeles. Inspired by graffiti, food and their world travels, busy artist duo Dabs Myla must have seen it all by now, but there’s no place like home. Animated fun houses have been a staple in their cast of characters. Their sleepy log cabin installation is like a twist on their 2013 “Moonlight Fantasy” house, complete with a moon overhead and walk-in living room with a cozy fireplace. Outside hangs illustrations of its mischievious neighbors from psychotic beavers to happy-go-lucky wiener-dogs.

Dabs Myla outside their installation on opening night.

This wonderful chaos was felt in the main gallery which displayed new paintings by The Seventh Letter collective member Rime (Jersey Joe), across from Persue. Rime’s paintings offer funky, sexy plays on phrases like “Riding in cars” and “Blowin’ up,” while Persue brings his sense of color and fashion to bubbly, yet bold images. His visual orgy of sassy, cute octo-girls, trendy alley cats and zombies makeup just a few of his crazy subjects. Co-existing in the same space, it was almost like a scene out of toontown in In Who Framed Roger Rabbit. Everything comes to life in a remarkably fun way, but it’s also slightly dangerous, erratic, and yes, touchy.

“Touchy Subjects” by Dabs Myla, with Rime and Persue is now on view at The Seventh Letter through October 4th.

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