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Miami’s Douglas Hoekzema, also known as Hoxxoh, creates murals that do more than absorb the gaze of the viewer. Nearby objects appear as though they can be pulled into the artist’s latest, hyperdimensional works. Hoekzema has long been fascinated with the concept and rendering of time in his art. He was last featured on here (and check out his Instagram here).
Miami based street artist Douglas "Hoxxoh" Hoekzema fills his murals with a burst of color and energy using abstract design. While they look like the work of a computer generated graphic, his designs are drawn freely by hand. As if subject to gravity’s pull, geometric circles and triangles radiate from their centers until they take more organic shapes. In his paintings, Hoxxoh often interrupts the design’s infinite nature as if to remind us of its flat dimension. Another way of looking at this interruption is like the stopping of time. Hoxxoh’s main concept, “Time Waits for No Man,” refers to his fascination with the properties of time, both its beauty and society’s obsession with keeping track of it.

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