Miami Art Week 2014: Street Art Highlights from Wynwood

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

While the collectors were busy at the fairs during Miami Art Week, street artists descended upon the Wynwood neighborhood to add new murals to the urban landscape, with thousands of eager tourists with cameras at the ready following not far behind. While many murals from past years have been preserved, we spotted new additions by the likes of Interesni Kazki, Nychos (who painted five separate walls), Faith47, Alexis Diaz, Swoon, Cleon Peterson, and many others. Colorful new pieces spilled out of the designated Wynwood Walls area and into the neighborhood. Several artists, such as Pixel Pancho, So Youn Lee, Nychos, and Bikismo, painted at the Jose de Diego Middle School, where, as we learned, arts funding has recently been cut. Check out some of our street art highlights below.

Interesni Kazki

Interesni Kazki detail

Bicicleta Sem Freio

Cleon Peterson

Back view of Cleon Peterson’s mural


Faith47 and Alexis Diaz

Faith47 and Alexis Diaz detail

Faith47 and Alexis Diaz detail

Hush and Shark Toof

Jaz and 2501

Jaz and 2501 detail

Bikismo at Jose de Diego Middle School

Pixel Pancho at Jose de Diego Middle School


Pose and Revok

Smithe and Ever

Smithe and Ever detail

Smithe and Ever detail


Swoon detail

Swoon detail

The London Police

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