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Whether in a gallery or on a public wall, Li-Hill’s hybrid imagery carries distinctive energy, movement, and weight. The Brookyln-based artist uses painting, stenciling, and sculptural elements to create those pieces, often packed with social observation. The artist was last featured on here.
The work of Brooklyn-based Aaron Li-Hill, who also goes by Li-Hill, is instantly recognizable for his dynamic portrayals of animals and figures, where his subjects appear suspended in motion, drawn frame-by-frame. Featured here on our blog, Li-Hill describes his art as a frenetic "storm of imagery and density", where beauty surfaces from various styles, inspired by his background in graffiti and cultural experiences. The artist just unveiled a new installation, in collaboration with the nonprofit JustKids, at the iconic Friedman-Mincer historic building in Fort Smith, Arkansas.
The work of Brooklyn based artist Li-Hill can be compared to a thunderstorm of images which dissipate into surrounding blank space. Like the element of "Carbon", the title of his series currently on view at C.A.V.E. Gallery, Li-Hill's illustrations break into tiny pieces that makeup a whole. The show is named after its inspiration. He chose to portray animals which are directly threatened by climate change due to carbon emissions. Jaguars, caribou, grizzly bears, wolves, and vultures are just a few represented in fleeting monochromatic graphite drawings smeared with aerosol, a carbon-concentrated material.

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