Pichi & Avo Paint Multifaceted Mural on Shipping Containers

by Nastia VoynovskayaPosted on

Based in Valencia, Spain, street art duo Pichi & Avo recently traveled to Belgium for the Rock Werchter festival, a music festival with a public art component titled North West Walls. Curated by Arne Quinze, North West Walls sought to create land art installations that will live on long after festival-goers leave the grounds.

Pichi & Avo created a piece using the ubiquitous shipping containers, a familiar sight for those who live in port cities. The containers were stacked up in a geometric formation that appears gracefully haphazard, as if a giant hand lightly tossed them into place, despite being entirely deliberate. Their forms complement Pichi & Avo’s multi-faceted mural that, like much of their work, steeps Greco-Roman imagery in graffiti lettering and expressionistic marks of spray paint. With their eyes rolled back in their heads, the heroic marble statues look ominous against the overcast Belgian sky as they tower over passersby.

Photos via DesignWars.

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