Norway’s Nuart Festival 2015 Moves Indoors with “Nuart Plus”

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Bordalo II

Yesterday, we shared our photos from Norway’s contemporary street and urban art festival, Nuart Festival. Today, we bring you our highlights from the rest of the event. After days of painting murals, creating installations and public interventions, debates, lectures, talks and workshops, Nuart festival closed their biggest event to date. On September 5th, the festival opened their coinciding indoor exhibition, “Nuart Plus”, inside an old brewery building known as “tunnels”. Among the artists on display are Portuguese artist Bordalo II, who created a large whale out of recycled garbage, while Italian artist Pixel Pancho built a 3D version of his infamous steampunk robots. Created in Norway’s oil capital, both artists included that element into their work. The following space was shared by French duo Ella & Pitr’s painted giant and Spanish artist Isaac Cordal’s installation, featuring countless sculptures of small business men lost in a post apocalyptic setting.

Isaac Cordal

Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic, Canadian artist Sandra Chevrier and renowned New York based photographer Martha Cooper shared a space with Zacharevic’s large puppet theater-like installation. His piece dominated the gallery against Cooper’s slide show, featuring kids at play, opposite of Chevrier’s collaborative piece with Martin Whatson. The main corridor hosted a large paste-up of a classic painting by The Outings Project, a poster installation by English artist Jamie Reid, as well as video footage of Harmen de Hoop’s public performance. Iranian duo Icy & Sot used their share of the “tunnel” for a simple, haunting installation of a tree made of plastic bags. Finally, the last section was shared between the New York graffiti-inspired Futura and Martin Whatson. Futura created a large abstract mural titled “Spiraling Oil Prices”, while Whatson created a large graffiti butterfly nailed on the wall. Take a look at all of these works and more in our photos below.

“Nuart Plus” is currently on view at the temporary gallery show in “tunnels” at Tou Scene through October 11th.

All photos by Sasha Bogojev.

The Outings Project

The Outings Project

Jamie Reid

Bortusk Leer

Bordalo II, in progress. Photo courtesy Nuart Festival.

Bordalo II, in progress

Pixel Pancho

Ella & Pitr

Ella & Pitr


Ernest Zacharevic

Icy & Sot

Martin Whatson

Sandra Chevrier

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