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Originally hailing from Australia, now based in Los Angeles, David "Meggs" Hooke creates explosive figurative works and murals using bright colors and raw textures. For his upcoming solo at Beyond Eden Art Fair in Los Angeles, Meggs looked beyond his usual comic book and mythological influences and turned to his natural environment. Titled "Paving Paradise", his exhibit looks at the duality of our relationship between nature and that which is man-made. "It questions our effect on the planet's rapidly diminishing natural resources, and where our values lie as living beings on this planet," he told Hi-Fructose in a recent studio visit.
"Since I am not so good at making words to describe what I think and want, I choose to draw. And since I love to see the harmony in beautiful color relationships to emphasize the stories among everything that surrounds me in the real world, what I see and what I draw, I choose to paint," Mari Inukai shared at the opening of her GR2 show, "Marilla Blue and Orange." The exhibition blurs the lines of her signature worlds, in terms of her narrative and artistic styles. In addition to her new paintings (previewed here), which she describes as a mixture of Taoism, harmony and balance, nostaligia, fantasy, reality and dreams, the show also features her process sketches.

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