Studio Visit: Meggs Explores Our Relationship to Nature in New Works

by CaroPosted on

Originally hailing from Australia, now based in Los Angeles, David “Meggs” Hooke creates explosive figurative works and murals using bright colors and raw textures. For his upcoming solo at Beyond Eden Art Fair in Los Angeles, Meggs looked beyond his usual comic book and mythological influences and turned to his natural environment. Titled “Paving Paradise”, his exhibit looks at the duality of our relationship between nature and that which is man-made. “It questions our effect on the planet’s rapidly diminishing natural resources, and where our values lie as living beings on this planet,” he told Hi-Fructose in a recent studio visit.

“I’ve always been fascinated by city life and city aesthetics, yet I developed a deep connection to the ocean as a young child. As I get older, I find myself seeking experiences that revolve around exploring and learning more about our natural environment. I consider this part of my personal growth, and that with age I feel more of a responsibility to act sustainably and contribute to the greater good. I am finally making the choice to surround myself with like-minded people and select projects where the power of my artwork can help spread this consciousness.” Like a ying-yang, many of his pieces feature a split image; on one side, there is a natural element or design like a seashell, while the opposite side features something artificial like a parking cone. While both sides oppose eachother, they also come together to make a whole. “With these works, I’ve really tried to simplify and hone in on one iconic symbol and break that into two halves. I wanted to make a succinct statement while embracing more abstraction, but still confining it to one form,” he says. Take a look at we go behind the scenes of Meggs’ “Paving Paradise” below, which opens at Beyond Eden 2015 at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery on October 3rd.

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